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Reading the patch notes for a game can be so enlightening. Finding out that a mechanic exists by the devs tweaking balance around it is mind blowing

@boilingsteam Epic buying exclusivity to somehow give gamers more options and then offering a terrible experience even on windows has me a bit salty.
Tim Sweeney's attitude has never been great towards Linux, and everything Epic touches seems to turn out poorly for non-Windows OSes. (I doubt EAC would be solved for Linux by now, but I imagine Epic isn't helping).
And Psyonix was owned by Epic when they dropped Mac/Linux support. It's not purely EGS related, but it is Epic related, to a degree.

@boilingsteam I would rather be able to play games on Linux than worry about if they are native.
Epic took away Rocket League which was "native" so clearly native doesn't mean much.
Epic and non-compatible anti-cheats are the primary factor in preventing games on linux. It's much easier to get a developer to skip a library to make their game be fully linux capable than tell them they need to make a full second port.

@gamingonlinux There's no guarantees. If a federated server has a post, it might not receive any request to delete (if the server is offline), or it might just ignore the request. Just like how you can't delete a sent email, you can only ask someone else to delete it.

@normandy I'm moving towards m.2 drives for desktop/laptops, and even considering relegating 2.5" SSDs to NASes over spinning drives. It's not AS cost efficient and I'm not there QUITE yet, but we're getting close to that tipping point.

@ChrisWere I've found that using something like Debian breaks my dotfiles repo. Inevitably something like rofi will change the format of it's config file as versions change, and Debian having a far out of date version makes it conflict with the bleeding edge config from my gaming machine, or vice versa.

date format norm poll question 

@cosullivan i always go yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ though, because with timescale being largest to smallest, it's much easier to sort times

date format norm poll question 

@cosullivan When year is first, its always Y-M-D in my brain... its when year is last that USA gets confused. M-D-Y vs D-M-Y is ambiguous. Granted, I dont know many "common folk" that would do year first though.🤷

@danrabbit Control and Alt don't have symbols. Why does the super key need a symbol? it can just say "Super", or if that's too long. "Sup"

@thomasfuchs Jokes on you. It's the same guy, before and after the interview.

@Sirsquid FreshRSS has a very similar interface, and thanks to OPML the export from TTRSS into FreshRSS was pretty painless.

@Sirsquid The only "obvious" thing I can think of, is that 2 days ago someone posted a similar question about dolphin emu.

Which on the one hand means it should have been easy for you to find...

but on the other hand, there's only 2-3 forum posts a day, it's not like he's just drowning in duplicate threads.

I fled to ttrss when google reader died, and haven't looked elsewhere. Are there alternative webclient RSS reader/servers out there?

@Sirsquid A) wat. I'm so confused. I love TTRSS, so I really hope this isn't how they handle things, and there was some sort of mixup.
B) I get the exact same error curl'ing that URL, so it's not directly a TTRSS issue, but that doesnt feel like a ban-worthy reason.
C) similar errors in wget/httpie, so more likely a dolphin website config issue.

@boilingsteam I might agree with Epic that a trillion dollar company isn't going to voluntarily change terrible rules because of "the free market" and the only way to force change is to do a thing to take them to court over it. In an ideal world, people just stop using Apple, but we know that won't happen any time soon.

@boilingsteam I mostly agree with Epic about Apple being a locked down mess, but considering Epic has paid for exclusivity rights to so many games, it's a bit hypocritical.

In the case of Rocket League, the game went from available on multiple OSes to "Just Windows EGS" under their watch.

Somehow according to them this is better for the consumer.

@ajdunevent I find that if software is properly packaged, bloat isn't an issue. If a rarely used software starts a service that uses up CPU time, I would disable the service. but I have no shortage of hard drive space, so if it's not running, who cares.

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as the days get shorter again, and the dark, cold nights roll in, its time to take a look at your wardrobe. take a look at this season's fashion. put away the shorts and bring out the warm clothing. and also, do what i'm doing, which is buying a pair of those gloves which have finger bones printed on them so you look like youre a skeleton

.DS_Store is my least favorite file of all time.

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