I think the thing that would improve my tech life the most right now... is getting replacement cables that are the right length, and routing them properly.

@gamingonlinux This announce doesn't mention Linux anywhere. Are we just assuming that they will roll out at the same time based on precedent?

Airport people are way too chipper for 4:30am

Wow. Unplugged my computer before the storm last night... But forgot to unplug the USB HDD dock that was plugged into the wall. Now my computer won't turn on. Dock still works though.

@HexDSL I feel like there is some sort of irony of linking to instagram from mastodon.

Getting to contribute to an open source project has been one of the highlights of already really great year for me.

@HexDSL your peertube videos dont have a language flagged on them.

I feel like with such a vast, diverse community language filters are important to finding content. And "unknown" language gets removed by any filter.

For some reason when I feel sick, it seems like I'll never feel well again.

ISP wanted me to reboot my modem to help address a neighborhood wide packet loss issue...

Is there any (self-hostable) service out there that notifies you when you are using an out of date docker image?

Set up a custom water cooling loop in my PC last week, and handed my old AIO down to my brother. So much cooler temps for all!

Last week I found I was manually tiling windows in XFCE, so yesterday I decided to give i3 another go.

Scariest thing on Halloween: Windows update forcing itself into the middle of your presentation.

I just got `z` set up. And now I'm mad that I haven't been using it previously.

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@LibertyPaulM@linuxrocks.online Agreed (obviously I'm playing them), but I prefer sticking to native games when I can.

@LibertyPaulM@linuxrocks.online GW2 or Vanilla WoW. Both wine games, but my friends are on an MMO kick, and sometimes being social wins out.

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"The idea of the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines is to start guiding
people towards kinder communication at a point well before one would
even think of saying, "You are breaking the rules.""


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