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Reading the patch notes for a game can be so enlightening. Finding out that a mechanic exists by the devs tweaking balance around it is mind blowing

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as the days get shorter again, and the dark, cold nights roll in, its time to take a look at your wardrobe. take a look at this season's fashion. put away the shorts and bring out the warm clothing. and also, do what i'm doing, which is buying a pair of those gloves which have finger bones printed on them so you look like youre a skeleton

.DS_Store is my least favorite file of all time.

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So YouTube is removing community contributions, which means community-contributed captions and subtitles are not going to be available anymore.

If you have any viewership in another country, and you wish to make your content more accessible to them but you do not speak their language, or to make your content accessible for viewers who are hard of hearing or deaf, YouTube says “tough luck.”

You’ll have to find either dedicated volunteers, or hire a translator, to translate your transcript into other languages.

Which disincentivizes accessibility measures for many creators. Which is bad. I went from i3 to dwm... to sway... back to i3. Not that I think wayland is happening anytime soon, but i3/sway has a clear path forward to potential wayland, and dwm didn't... Are there any bspwm/wayland type projects out there?

I'm just mad that I didn't think of the name X Æ A-12 first.

Local restaurant has a 2 hour wait for delivery. Stinks for me, but I'm glad they apparently have plenty of business.

I started thinking about M&M's mixed with Skittles and started to get a little bit anxious.

Added a second pump to my water cooling loop, and suddenly everything is working great. Imagine that.

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Someone at work jokingly recommended we all spin up Mastodon servers if Slack goes down. Makes me want to spin up a RocketChat or Mattermost or something.

I think the thing that would improve my tech life the most right now... is getting replacement cables that are the right length, and routing them properly.

Airport people are way too chipper for 4:30am

Wow. Unplugged my computer before the storm last night... But forgot to unplug the USB HDD dock that was plugged into the wall. Now my computer won't turn on. Dock still works though.

Getting to contribute to an open source project has been one of the highlights of already really great year for me. your peertube videos dont have a language flagged on them.

I feel like with such a vast, diverse community language filters are important to finding content. And "unknown" language gets removed by any filter.

For some reason when I feel sick, it seems like I'll never feel well again.

ISP wanted me to reboot my modem to help address a neighborhood wide packet loss issue...

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